Tuesday, 13 November 2018






All praise is due to Allah. I testify that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. May peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, his household and companions.


As-salamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatul laahi wa barakatuhu.

The relevance of Mosque necessitates for its construction, maintenance and adornment. The Apostle of Allah, Prophet Muhammad, (saw) emphatically declared that all the surface of the earth is a place of prostration Masjīd otherwise known as Mosque in English. Building mosques and helping in that is one of the greatest of acts of worship before Allah. Likewise participating with others in building of mosques is the kind of cooperation in righteousness and piety that is prescribed in Islam as stated in the Quran 5:2 “… And cooperate in righteousness and piety…”


Mosques are special places filled with blessings and rewards, however, Allah has conferred a special blessing upon the nation of Muslims, the whole earth has been declared a place of prostration Masjid (mosque), praying in the mosque and being attached to the mosque is a very pious and rewardable action. So when the time for prayer comes and a believer is unable to pray in congregation in a Mosque building he may pray wherever he may be, though areas like cemetery, refuse place and other filthy places are exempted from the list of places of prostration.


Opinion from Islamic scholars viewed that the entire world is classified into Dāru al-Sallam and Dāru al-Harb. In Western countries or any other non-Muslim countries, then it is even more important to cooperate in doing that, because the Muslims there are in great need of that and because it makes it easier for the people living there to do acts of worship and encourages people to adhere to the rituals of Islam. And that also often plays a role in bringing non-believers to the faith. So the Muslims there should cooperate in such matters, so that their religion will become manifest among non-Muslims.


The architectural design of the Mosque is premised on the society cultural exposure. The Masjīd should be built in such a manner that the observers of prayers are protected from rain, sun and cold. The Scholars have granted permission in beautifying the Masājid with the intention of honouring and elevating the status of the house of Allah, the Most High.The five daily congregational prayers offered in the Mosque facilitates socialization of faithful Muslims, solutions to their problems are discussed, increasing awareness of the current issues at home and abroad also took place. The Mosque is thus an ideal place for the youths to strengthen the spirit of virtue, and refrain from idle pursuits, frivolities, and lawless behaviour.


The call to the building of the mosque is a task that every Muslim should adhere to partake in. Mosque is a blessed and virtuous place. It increases the divine blessings for worshippers while also providing an effective tool for inviting people to Allah which is necessary for the propagation of Islam. It facilitates and promotes worship of Allah and therefore fosters a personal bond of love and devotion between man and his Creator. A mosque is essentially a first step towards fostering unity and brotherhood amongst Muslim.


The comforting feeling that comes from pleasing Allah, and even more rewards, can be obtained by cleaning or building mosques.   Aisha, the beloved wife of Prophet Muhammad, said that her husband often reminded the people that Allah commanded that mosques be built among the houses and that they be kept clean and perfumed.


Comfort, peace, tranquility, good companionship, angels and rewards can all be found in mosques and they are also among the best places on earth.  Prophet Muhammad said, the most beloved places to Allah are the mosques…,“There are six places in which a person is guaranteed the safekeeping of Allah, the Most High, as long as he is in one of them as follows, in a congregational mosque, with a sick person, at a funeral, in his house, with a just ruler whom he supports and treats with respect, or at a place where people are fighting Jihād.


Mosques are the houses of Allah and those believers who enter therein are the guests of Allah. Those who visit the mosques in darkness convey to them the good news that Allah shall bestow upon them from Himself perfect light on the Day of Judgment. For him who makes his ablutions at home and then walks to one of the houses of Allah to discharge his obligations imposed on him by Allah, one single step of his towards the mosque wipes out a sin and next step raises his status.


Prophet Muhammad, (saw) continually reminded his followers that Allah loves and rewards those who find repose and comfort in the mosques. Mosque is the house of every pious person, and Allah has granted comfort and mercy for everyone for whom the mosque is his house, and that they will easily traverse the bridge to Allah’s Paradise. 


He who participates in the building of the mosque would have been involved in the same meritorious deed Prophet Muhammad (saw) participated in and this is given the fact that the Prophet partook in the building of the Madinah mosque both physically and financially.


Contributing to the building of a mosque gives one the opportunity of being a tool in the hands of the Almighty in partaking in putting in place a building where opportunities are provided for people to read the Quran, teach and learn religious sciences, a place where the tranquility and the angels of Allah descend regularly which then cause Allah (SWT) to remember such people in His sight.


Fellow Muslims, one of the worldly benefits of participating in the building a mosque is that one has the opportunity of partaking in the building of the place Allah (SWT) loves most on earth. The Prophet was reported to have said that the most beloved place on earth to Allah is the Mosque……   Then if preventing people from worshipping Allah in the mosque is a great injustice, it would only mean that participation in the building of a mosque by extension is a just cause. (Q2:114)


And who doth greater wrong than he who forbiddeth the approach to the sanctuaries of Allah lest His name should be mentioned therein, and striveth for their ruin. As for such, it was never meant that they should enter them except in fear. Theirs in the world is ignominy and theirs in the Hereafter is an awful doom.


Finally, a worldly benefit in participating in the building of a mosque gives one the opportunity to participate in the provision of a place where he who has his heart attached to will be one of the seven people who will be under the shade of Allah on a day in which there would be no shade except His.


Consequently therefore, will you as a Muslim not participate in this meritorious deed through making your contribution to the building of the NASFAT Mosque on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway?