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Speech at Flag Off of NASFAT 25th Anniversary Event by the President, Olaniyi M. Yusuf

March 1, 2020

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful, the creator of heaven and earth, indeed, He is to whom all praises and adoration is reserved. From Him do we seek help and forgiveness in all our wrong doings. We seek refuge from Allah against shaytan, the accursed. Flowing from these adorations of Allah and the special attribute of Allah as As- Salam, the source of peace, I greet you by that special greetings that will bind us in this world and hereafter by saying Asalam alaykun waramatulahi wabarakatuhu.

It’s a real pleasure to be here on this occasion of the flag-off of the 25th Anniversary events of Nasrul-lahi-L-Fatih (NASFAT) Society.

At the beginning of this journey some weeks ago, we tried to decide whether this is a 25th birthday party or a 25th anniversary. A birthday party, of course, is a celebration of a brand-new beginning, of a birth, and certainly this is that. NASFAT was born 25 years ago, and to Allah belongs all praises. But an anniversary is often a celebration of the great achievements recorded by an association within the period of its existence. It’s also a chance, to both look back at the remarkable history of firsts by the society and to look forward at what it can further do. I think equal parts reflection and expectation.

For the history of firsts, it is on record that NASFAT is the first Islamic society whose mission is solely focused on the development of an enlightened muslim society nurtured with true understanding of Islam for spiritual development and welfare of mankind and with the vision to be a pace setting Islamic organization with widespread acceptance. It has also within the short period of its existence established a private university that has graduated thousands of scholars and professionals who are contributing to the growth of the country and humanity. It has true to its mission been able to equip its members with better knowledge of the practice of their faith. It has elevated the status of its womenfolk through regular capacity building, skills empowerment, health mission and assignment of key leadership roles to them. In terms of youth development, it has regularly equipped the youths with relevant knowledge about their career growth, capacity building, spiritual upliftment and leadership development through the establishment of primary and secondary schools, vocational trainings, HAVEK Leadership Academy and Arabic and Qur’anic training in our mosques and

Training Institute. Furthermore, agencies of the NASFAT Society have also established leadership positions in Hajj and Umrah services (Tafsan Tours & Travel is now the largest private hajj and umrah operator), in Zakat mobilisation and administration through NAZAS – the NASFAT Agency for Zakat and Sadaqat, and humanitarian relief services through the NASFAT Relief Initiative (NRI).

With this successes recorded so far, it will not be out of place for us to mark the 25th anniversary of the formation of the society and use the occasion as an opportunity to renew the vision and mission for which the founding fathers have set for the society.

For this anniversary, we have set a committee of eminent members across our zones to package programs and activities which will strengthen our place in the society as a pace setting organization. One of the activities that has been lined up for this anniversary is what we are here to do today. This is the flag off of the 25th anniversary event here at the HQ and the handing over of the flags to the zonal chairmen that will then take the flags to branches for hosting.

The anniversary celebration is to take place between March 1 to 29, 2020 across all our zones and locations in Nigeria and other countries, and the theme of our anniversary celebration is centred on building a better society.

In addition to the flag off, some of the events planned for the anniversary includes, Prayer for the Nation which is expected to be done today in addition to the flag off and across all the branches of the society; Walk for peace; Tree planting at locations in Lagos, Osogbo, Abuja and Port Harcourt; Medical out- reach; International women’s day celebration and the empowerment of 25 women; Vocational and Empowerment training at 25 locations during the month of March; Community service day in partnership with NAZAS; Innovation/STEM competition across all NASFAT primary and secondary schools; and the Anniversary lecture series which theme is centred on building a better society, amongst others.

I humbly request the participation of all the members of the society in all the activities lined up for this anniversary. The calendar of the activities shall be posted on all the platforms of NASFAT.

It is on this note that i hereby flag off the commencement of the 25th Anniversary celebration of NASFAT Society in the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful – Bismillah Rahman Raheem. May Allah accept and bless our efforts. Amen.

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