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NASFAT Shuura (2019 – 2021)

The National Shuura Committee 2019 hereby advertise vacancies for every position of the National Executive Council for the 2019-2021 period.

Click the link below to download shurah form.


Deadline for submission is May 26th 2019.

The available positions are:

i. The President

ii. The 1st Vice President

iii. The 2nd Vice President

iv. The General Secretary

v. The Assistant General Secretary

vi. The Financial Secretary

vii. The Treasury Secretary

viii. The Public Relations Secretary

ix. The Legal Secretary

x. The Education Secretary

xi. The Women Affairs Secretary

xii. The Children Affairs Secretary

xiii. The Welfare Secretary

xiv. The Youth Secretary

xv. The Security Secretary

xvi. The Projects Secretary

xvii. The Membership Secretary

xviii. The Internal Audit Secretary

xxi. The Health Services Secretary

xxii. The Economic Empowerment Secretary

xxiii. Three Ex-Officio members

General Requirements in Article 10.2 (i) of NASFAT Constitution:

The National Executive Council shall: Be opened to both male and female members who are resident in Nigeria; active, registered and financial member of the society for a minimum of 3 years and who MUST have successfully served without blemish in some capacity in any organ of the society.

Please refer to NASFAT Constitution for further clarifications.

May Allah (swt) ease our affairs. Amin

Click the link below to download shurah form.


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