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NASFAT Mosque Update

Update on NASFAT Mosque, Aseese.
First floor slab milestone is completed and first floor wall block laying has commenced.
Al-hamdulilahi Robi-l- Alamin!!!
We appreciate everyone’s effort and contribution so far. May Allah reward and bless you more.

Please let us continue to support this project for Allah’s sake.

Kindly donate to ; NASFAT HQ MOSQUE DEV FUND
FBN- 2013600237
GTB- 0052314035
UBA- 1019736087

You can also setup direct debit from your account using the links below:

Click HERE to donate N1000 every month

Click HERE to donate N5000 every month

Click HERE to donate N10000 every month

” Whosesoever does a good deed will receive ten times the like thereof…”(Q6:160)

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