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April, 2019

  • 19 April

    NASFAT Mosque Update

    Update on NASFAT Mosque, Aseese. First floor slab milestone is completed and first floor wall block laying has commenced. Al-hamdulilahi Robi-l- Alamin!!! We appreciate everyone’s effort and contribution so far. May Allah reward and bless you more. Please let us continue to support this project for Allah’s sake. Kindly donate …

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  • 19 April


    TOPIC: EDUCATION: TOOL FOR SUSTAINABLE GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT FOR HUMANITY ‘Audhu billah minash shaytanir rajeem BismillahirRahmanir Raheem. Alhamdu lil laahi Rabbil aalameen. Was salatu was salamu ala rasulihee al kareem. The first experience of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) with revelation was that which is related to education as we have …

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  • 5 April

    NASFAT Shuura (2019 – 2021)

    The National Shuura Committee 2019 hereby advertise vacancies for every position of the National Executive Council for the 2019-2021 period. Click the link below to download shurah form. SHURAH NOMINATION FORM (1) Deadline for submission is May 26th 2019. The available positions are: i. The President ii. The 1st Vice President …

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March, 2019

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December, 2018

  • 31 December

    Emulate good leadership qualities of late Shagari-NASFAT urges political leaders

    Source: Punch Alhaji Kamil Bolarinwa,President of Nasrul Lahi l Fatih Society (NASFAT), has urged political leaders to emulate the good leadership qualities of the late Alhaji Shehu Shagari. Shagari, a former President of Nigeria, (93) died on Friday at the National hospital, Abuja and was buried on Saturday at his …

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  • 27 December

    NASFAT begins northern Da’awah training for women

    Foremost Islamic organisation, Nasrulahi-l-Fatih Society (NASFAT), has commenced a three-day train-the-trainers programme in Kano for Muslim women in the northern part of the country. Chief Missioner of NASFAT, Imam Abdulazeez Onike, disclosed this on Thursday in Kano. According to him, the programme which started on Dec. 26 will end on …

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  • 25 December

    NASFAT trains Muslims on good inter-faith relations

    A faith-based organisation, Nasrulahi-l-Fatih Society (NASFAT), has trained 200 Muslims in southern Nigeria on sound inter-faith relationship and peaceful co-existence. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the five-day training for southern Nigeria Muslims, which began on Dec. 21, was held at TAAS Group of Schools, Apata, Ibadan. The …

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